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ZONK Inu is formally changing its name to Zonked Out! (ZDO) The reason for this is there are other older tokens that have used the Zonk name and are out of business. We are not and have not been involved with any of these tokens. Zonked Out (ZDO) is a community token with a Developer Council. Look for a major token announcement coming over the next couple of days. Our focus is on community building, rewards, coming together for better rest and sleep so that we can make decisions with a healthy mind and attitude. Stress, anxiety and FOMO are real. Why not learn to deal with it and gain crypto rewards at the same time. 

Coming Soon: The first of its kind Telehealth/AI Human and Pet sleep and relaxation centers along with Phone Apps. The final stages are being modified and tested. The Zonked Out (ZDO) Center will utilize proven and experimental methods which will be overseen by qualified U.S. physicians and other experts in the healthcare field. The goal is to help users gain insight in regards to developing healthy relaxation skills which may allow them a better night’s sleep. These centers are designed for both Human and Pets.

Phone Apps for rest and sleeping


ZONKED OUT (ZDO)   Reviews

Zonked out dog

After the community at ZONKED OUT helped me, my sleep went from about 3 hours to 7-8 hours a night. I feel more rested and got a deeper sleep. Rock on ZONKED OUT!            M.W.

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